RV Travel For Fun and Adventure

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Love To Travel?

We love to travel and some of us love traveling by RV (recreational vehicle) and motorhomes. Some people like to head out on weekends for quick getaways. Others, like us, embrace the entire full time travel in your living room approach to RVing. Whatever your approach or fun points may be, we’ll pass along information, points of interest, RV parks, places to get RV repairs, where to go to buy RV furniture for upgrade, and other fun tips.

We used Dave and LJ’s RV Interior Design at www.daveandljs.com to upgrade our RV furniture and they did a great job with the installation. There is more about RV upgrading and RV furniture remodeling at http://rvfurniture1.blog.com/rv-furniture-news/. You may be inclined to DIY your RV when you upgrade or you may be content with RV just the way it is right now. Anyway you look at it, RVing is a fun way to travel.

The RVing Lifestyle Is It For You?

If you’ve done some RVing in the past, you might ask yourself, do I really want to do this full time? Think back and remember the good experiences, and the not so good experiences and compare the lists. You might find the RVing is wildly enjoyable, or not so much. RVing is becoming even more popular every year, as the RV Industry Association figures indicate, so you will have plenty of fellow travelers.

Next think about your motives for RV living. Do you just love to travel, do you like driving. Do you enjoy living a somewhat minimalist life? Can you afford full time RVing, especially if you have other obligations such as family and continuing employment.

What about family? Is your spouse or significant other on-board with this concept. Remember, you’ll be living in close quarters. You might find that RVing is just perfect and you actually see your family more often, particularly if they live far away. You can always go visiting and, this is great, you don’t have to impose on their living situation since you have your own home on wheels.

Your RV

Also very important is the RV itself. Do you own an RV? Is it a motorhome, trailer, fifth wheeler? If you already own an RV is it suitable for a full time living experience? Many full time RVers upgrade their current RV or purchase a different RV once they decide to go full time RVing. A brand new 30 plus foot long motorhome is a big ticket item, so be prepared to invest considerable funds if you choose to upgrade into any of the more luxurious RV styles.

RV purchase and upgrades are always a fun and lively topic. RVers shop for their RVs the same way people shop for cars and some RVers are so loyal to a particular brand of RV that they form clubs and have rallys where they meet up with fellow owners.

There are so many RV sales companies that you should have no trouble finding a new and/or used RV dealer near you. RVs come with an enormous list of addons and options. Many part time RVers purchase used RVs then upgrade or remodel after a period of time. This approach can save a great deal of expense. So, upgrades or accessories like awnings, shades, flooring, paint, and new RV furniture frequently become an issue. Your updating or upgrading expenses will depend on the features that are most important to you. This may not seem important when you first start RVing, but the personal comfort and style for your living quickly becomes significant one you are traveling.

Here’s a video of a wildly luxurious RV

RVs are fun, but they do require maintenance. Remember, you are actually living in a big truck or a big metal box. All that time on the road takes a toll on the RV system, so be prepared for upkeep. If you are mechanically inclined and are a Mr. or Ms. fixit type person, you can perform a lot of the common maintenance tasks yourself. Otherwise be ready to pay professionals for these services.

RVer Destinations

Moving around and going to see interesting and exotic locations is always exciting, but it does involve a lot of travel time, too. You may find that spending days or weeks in temporary locations is not suitable for you. RVers frequently chase the sun, going to the south in winter months, then migrating to the north in the summer. Choosing your RV life pattern is another major consideration.

Destinations and where to stay are a big part of the RV lifestyle. Most RV parks now have all the major amenities, from electricity and water/sewer hookups to Wi-Fi for computers, cable TV hookups, barbecues, organized events, RV washers (similar to car wash facilities), play areas, dog parks, mini golf courses, and some have central store and fuel pumps. Some RV parks border on resorts. You can find some of the more about high end RV parks in this article.

Another consideration is where to store the RV if you are not traveling and decide to live in a regular dwelling, like your own home. RV storage facilities can be costly, so plan ahead before you purchase or upgrade. Many homes now come with an RV garage. You might consider a home remodeling project to make this possible if you don’t already have a storage plan.